A Transitional Employment (TE) job is a time-limited opportunity, usually 6-9 months in duration. TE positions belong to the Clubhouse. In TE the Clubhouse develops and maintains a relationship with the employer and provides onsite training and support. Guaranteed absence coverage is a key feature of the model.

In Group Placements, a variation of Transitional Employment, the Clubhouse has a relationship with the employer, and the work and/or jobs are facilitated through the Clubhouse. Group placements are distinguished from “special projects” in that members commit to keep the group schedule. Members get support from the Clubhouse both on and off-site. As a defining characteristic the Clubhouse provides on-site staffing, allowing for the group’s productivity to be judged instead of the individual’s productivity.

A Supported Employment (SE) job is an employment opportunity that is not time-limited. The position belongs to the member. There is a competitive element to the interview process. In SE the Clubhouse develops and maintains a relationship with the employer and assist with job site development and sometimes training. SE jobs may be full or part-time. The Clubhouse does not provide absence coverage.

Independent Employment (IE) positions may be full or part-time, and belong to the member, who has participated in fully competitive interview process. The Clubhouse does not commit to a formal relationship with the employer or provide absence coverage. The Clubhouse assists with career development, job search and job choice should the member wish it.